Review of Portraits in Flesh

Review of Portraits in Flesh from Modern Publishing Global: 

Annabelle, the main character, discovers that her satnav (the British term for what’s called a GPS in the US) under certain conditions can transport her, sometimes accompanied by others, to virtually anywhere. While there she and her sidekicks can see what’s going on and each other, but they’re invisible to others. As Annabelle is figuring out the mechanics of using this power it draws the reader into the story very well. Then something happens and Annabelle returns without Sarah, her daughter. Sarah is in a state of limbo with her physical body in one place and her spirit in another.

What Annabelle has to do in the attempt to make her daughter whole again is where things become intense. Two major characters, Doctor Bardell and Annabelle’s friend, Rosie, are both well done and serve the story well. A secondary storyline involving the not-so-good doctor lets the reader know what he’s capable of and what Annabelle is up against, well before she realizes, which jacks up the intensity for the reader another notch.

Overall Portraits in Flesh is a unique story, combining story elements not commonly seen together that result in an entertaining and intense read. It should appeal to thriller readers who don’t mind adding some speculative fiction elements to the mix or fans of speculative fiction looking for something a bit more intense than the norm.