Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)

The last couple of months have seen the releases of my contributions to Crazy Ink’s’ fantastic Creature Feature Series.

Through the Eyes of the Mummy was written with the talented, dark author, John Watson. The book starts with a glimpse of life in the Egyptian court of the cruel Prince Cotep as witnessed by the slave Nubia and then switches to present day when the tour of Cotep’s artefacts opens in a sleepy English town. John and I had great fun twisting the lives of our characters and throwing as much evil and ancient havoc at them as we could. Mummy’s, Gods, curses and ancient artefacts come together as Billy tries to stop Cotep continuing his reign of terror in his town.

The second book, Jealousy’s Shadow, is a monster story set in the old city of Split, Croatia. Having spent much time there over the years visiting family and friends, I was able to draw on my experiences and incorporate facets of the wonderful characters I have met there. The story was inspired by a video I watched on my many forays into the YouTube black hole about a mysterious creature crawling over a Russian apartment block. I hope as you read the story you will experience my love of the Croatian people, sights and culture, and at the same time feel the terror and uncertainty of mysterious sightings of a spider-like creature and the effects the video has on the people involved.
I wish you a creepy reading!