The Beginning of Reality

I’m lucky enough to have never broken a bone (touch wood), but as a writer who was describing a character breaking her arm this was a problem. Plenty of readers have broken bones so I wanted to make sure that my description was realistic; nothing turns a reader off more than finding inaccurate details. But how could I accurately describe something that I’d never experienced? I could ask the question on-line but having asked questions in the past I didn’t want to hear “It hurt” or “Worst pain of my life”. I wanted to know every single sensation.
Then it dawned on me – I should ask fellow writers. Who else would be best at describing every feeling? It set my mind whirring. I could start a group where authors could share their experiences to help other writers. Then, because I am a horror writer after all, my mind went off into the dark realms of where it could all go wrong. What if someone was TOO helpful?

With my first novel, Portraits in Flesh, I couldn’t shake the ideas popping into my head until I had to finally write them down, and once again I kept finding myself walking down the twisted path of possibilities. This time I didn’t wait so long to do something about it. I pitched the idea to my publisher, Crazy Ink, and within a few hours had hammered out a blurb and had a stunning cover for inspiration.

A year later, my twisted imagination is once again being released into the world. I hope to have you sitting on the edge of your seat as you follow my dark journey into the twisted world of social media. Just remember, you followed me willingly.

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