Earth Matters

Out today! I have a bit of a gruesome short story in this anthology revolving around the earth.
Earth Matters 
A Crazy Ink Anthology

A farmer sees the earth differently than the girl buried alive in soggy ground clutching to life. The man who runs the recycle station has different environmental concerns than the woman who grew up on the Eastside and can’t find her leather clutch. A kid late for his school bus and man shopping for a hybrid car have different worries. The woman who owns the gas station thinks differently than the one who pedals to work.
While all human being experience the world differently, we have one thing in common: Mother Earth.
Earth Matters.
Or it should.
From odes to our home sweet home to horrific events and even the end of the world, join award-winning and bestselling authors as they take on stories of Mother Earth in celebration of Earth Day 2019.
Publisher proceeds from this anthology will be donated to a non-profit environmental group of the authors’ choice.Image may contain: text