Mirror Maze out this month

I can’t believe Mirror Maze is out this month on the 25th. I’m so excited!

This is my first co-write and it’s with the wonderful US author Erin Lee.
We originally started out with plans to write just one book but after having so much furn and a long late night discussion, we decided to extend it into a three book series – The Broken Mirror Series.

We are currently working on book 2, Refraction, due for release in September.

To celebrate the release of Mirror maze there will be an event in Erin’s facebook group, Crazy Inklings


we are doing an amazing giveaway (see the details on the pinned post in my group All The Madmen)
I will put the details here shortly.

I really hope you enjoy our paranormal psychological thriller about twins, Amy and Zoe.

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Identical twins Amy and Zoe are devastated after Zoe’s untimely death.
Separated for the first time, Amy believes the only way through her grief is to join her sister in death. She holds a razor to her wrist as her twin faces an uncertain afterlife.
Zoe finds herself caught in an eternal labyrinth of both fate and consequence that could alter Amy’s destiny forever. Faced with a mysterious game of both reflection and consequence, Zoe must complete challenges in order to communicate with her living sister through whispers and dreams.
Identical in every way, the twins must navigate their shattered lives. If Zoe can get it right and Amy can finally listen, the living twin will have a shot at a reborn life.
But it won’t be easy. Wrong moves will mean tragic ends and right ones don’t guarantee resolutions. Sometimes, the only way back is through the mirror maze.