Need a break?

Your eyelids weigh heavy as the rain thuds on the windscreen. You opened the window a while back, but now even the cold air can’t help you fight the fatigue smothering your brain. Lights blur in your vision and then relief surges through your body. A motel. A place to rest. But don’t get too comfortable because this is no ordinary motel.
Welcome to Motel 666:
A cash-only $35-a-night establishment in the middle of nowhere off Route 666.
The rules here are simple.
1. Check-out’s at noon. Leave and get out quick. Drop your keys on the counter and see rule number two.
2. Do not disturb owners Harvey and Bridgett. They mean it. Don’t bother ‘um for nothing. Not the hole in the floor, not the cracked mirror or broken air conditioner and not the Room 23 partiers. They aren’t interested in the rumors about Momma, who still haunts the place since Harvey stopped looking after it. There ain’t no newlyweds in the world who got time to be bothered with ghosts. Get over it. You’ll live or your won’t.
3. You pay for what you get. Don’t like it? Can’t pay? Hit the road.
But be warned. Highway 666 has some ghosts of its own…
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