Dive into the Ocean

Beyond Atlantis is due for release in August ’19 and includes my short story, Black or Red.

Ariel wasn’t the only mermaid in the sea.
Dive into a magical world beyond the seafoam where things aren’t always what they seem:
Deep in the ocean, where the water is green like the eyes of a wanton princess on a starless night, lives a Sea King and his loyal subjects. They live past any port or peer and could never be reached by man or even ship at sail. It is in this place—far beneath the emerald tarp that shields them from the sun that the Sea King’s castle stands taller than all the coral reefs one could ever imagine—where magical tales commence.
Here, in this place beneath the sea, one-of-a-kind flowers and plants sprout hope and colors human eyes have never seen. In this place, fish of every rainbow stripe flutter like butterflies through endless indigo leaves. But it isn’t perfect. Even magical places have cave-like crevices of darkness and secrets too.
Join bestselling and award-winning authors as they travel to a mystical world to tell the tales of merfolk both dark and beautiful.