How paintings can inspire stories

Out Now! A wonderful collection of books for every art lover and also those curious to see how a painting can inspire an author.
I have two stories in this set: Please, Mr Gravedigger in Book 1 and Searching for Ice in Book 3. Two dark stories that look at life after death in very different ways.

What happens when a painting meets the blank page?
Art Inspires Words
Books One to Four
Crazy Ink multi genre anthologies to celebrate the arts

Famous French impressionist Edgar Degas said, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” With that sentiment in mind, Crazy Ink accepted submissions from numerous authors who choose from two dozen paintings in the public domain. From the painting each one picked, the writer was to develop a short story for this collection. They could use the painting as inspiration for their story in any fashion they wished. Authors could take a scene set in medieval times and create a story set in the twenty-first century; writers could have the painting stolen or destroyed and write a mystery; or they could simply reflect on the colors, shapes, or mood of the painting to decide which direction their stories would take.
Writers take inspiration from their experiences and those of others. They also harvest the colors, tastes, smells, tactile stimulus, and sounds around them, and the world in which they reside or wish they could to write their tales. Henry David Thoreau wrote, “This world is but a canvas to our imagination.”